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re: Guild Rules

Our Philosophy Is Simple; Be Courteous And Mature To All When In-Game. Player Behavior Is A Reflection On The Entire Guild As Well As Yourself. That Being Said, Our Guild Rules Are Equally Simple.

We Are A Social Guild And Vent Is Recommended (Required For Heroics & Raids).


We Do Not Tolerate Elitists In Our Guild. This Type Of Behavior Is To Be Reported To An Officer.

We Raid For Progression & Gear, Raid Groups Will Be Switched Up To Keep The Guild Strong.

This Is Not A 'Raid Only' Guild. You Will Not Always Be Raiding No Matter Your Standing In The Guild.

You Left Your Old Guild For A Reason. Don’t Come Here & Turn This One Into What You Left Your Old One For.

*Members Who Have Been Inactive For 20 Days Will Be Automatically Removed From The Guild.
*Inactive Members Are Not An Asset To The Guild.
*If You Will Have An Extended Absence (Vacation, Moving, Etc) Please Notify An Officer So That You Will Not Automatically Be Removed From Membership.

If You Don’t Agree Or Are Not Willing To Accept What You Just Read You Need Not Read Any Further Because This Is Not The Guild For You!


Main Guild Rule
Treat Everyone Like You Would Like To Be Treated And Have Fun. Be Courteous To Everyone In And Out Of The Guild As You Are in Representation Of Us.

Do Not Beg
*This Includes Constantly Begging For Help, Runs, Money, Etc.
*The Guild Is Here To Help Each Other As Much As Possible, This Does Not Mean That Your Guildies Are Your Personal Leveling Assistant On Demand; Be Considerate Of Other People's Game Time.

Use Chat Appropriately
* This Means No Spamming Or Saying Things That You Think/Know Might Insult or Offend Someone Else.
* Do Not Try To Turn A Profit From Your Guild Mates. You Can Sell To Them For 50-75% Off Market Value, Never A Markup.
* Having Fun Is One Thing, Harassing Or Doing Anything That Can Negatively Effect The Guild Or Its Members Will Not Be Tolerated.

*Raids Will Be Scheduled For 2 Hour Runs.

*Loot Will Be Distributed As One Epic Per Person Per Run. If an Item Drops and Nobody Else Needs It, Then You May Roll on That Piece. Loot Will Not Go To Waste If Someone Can Use It. Main Spec BEFORE Off Spec... ALWAYS.

NEVER Take What Is Not Yours To Take Nor Things You Do Not Need. DO NOT EVER Roll On Items For An Alt. This Means BoE's That May Drop. If You Want a Piece of BoE That Drops, Just Ask. Do Not Be Pissed Off If The Answer Is No. We Do Like To Keep Gear In The Bank For New 85's.

Game Play
*Your Guild Is Not Here To Power-Level You, Quest For You, Nor Play The Game For You.
*The Game Is Designed To Allow You To Progress Through The Quest Process Yourself; In Doing So You Learn Best How To Play Your Class, As Well As Learning The In-Game World.
*We Are Happy To Help When A Quest Requires A Group, Or Is An Especially Hard One, But Please Do Not Expect Your Guild Mates To Generally Quest For You.

*All Other Raids Are Run By Rank (High to Low or as what Is need to make the run most effective)
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